Ambiguous loss is the complex type of grief that loved ones of missing persons experience.

Psychologists around the world consider it to be the most traumatic kind of loss, and most unmanageable form of stress. It’s different to standard grief (where the loss can naturally become easier to cope with over time), as it is a continual loss. This complicates and delays the grieving process, causing unresolved grief.


Accordingly, standard grief counselling isn’t adequate for families and friends of long term missing people, and many have said that the experience of seeing a counsellor left them disheartened, as most counsellors in Australia aren’t equipped to support people living with this unique form of grief. 

For National Missing Persons Week 2022, Mindshare has given us advertising space across out-of-home, radio and online. We are using these spaces to educate Australians on ambiguous loss, in the hope that more loved ones of missing people will feel better understood.

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